PPI Claim Case Studies

Case Study, Mrs C, Londenderry

Mrs H from Londonderry recovered £16,286.87 July 2015 across 7 loan accounts – including over £1,100.00 on one account which had no PPI, but had PPI had been rolled over into this loan from previous borrowing

Case Study, Mrs. H, Cheshire

Mrs H had previously made 4 successful complaints and received compensation from the same lender.
On investigation, it was discovered that the lender had not dealt with additional 8 accounts, nor had the lender addressed the compensation payable where some of the previous loans had been refinanced into new loans
The result was that Mrs H received compensation for 4 of the loans that had nor been previously reviewed in the sum of £830.58.
4 loans had no new PPI, however as the loans from some of the previously resolved complaints had been rolled over into these new accounts, an additional sum of £894.66 was awarded.
Total Compensation: £1,725.24
The same lender is also in the process of reviewing 2 further loan accounts for this client.

Case Study, Mr M, Surrey

We successfully processed 7 claims with 1 lender for Mr C resulting in £10,444.76 being paid to him in September 2015.
Currently he additional claims being processed with another lender

Case Study, Mr B, Devon

Mr B had loans and credit cards with 1 lender; we were successful in recovering £2192.61 across 7 accounts for him.

Case Study, Mr & Mrs C, Aberdeen

Mr and Mrs C had taken various loans over a period of 10 years with the same lender; 8 of the 10 complaints were upheld and they recovered £22,770.44 in August 2015

Case Study, Mr and Mrs S, Stroud

Mr and Mrs S had taken various loans, mortgages and CCs over a period of 10 years with the different lenders and claims were submitted across the board. £10,076.02 was recovered from 1 lender and £12,485.74 recovered from his mortgage company.

Mr S from Hampshire compensated £10,739.87 July 2015

Mr Y from Evesham compensated £10,559.22 July 2015

Mr P from North Yorkshire recovered £7,808

Mr M from W Midlands recovered £6,346.35 across 5 claims in Sept 2015

Mrs D from West Yorkshire was compensated £8,309.32 for 2 claims in July 2015