Can I Claim For a Mis Sold Mortgage?

Have You Been Mis Sold a Mortgage?

There are several instances and ways in which people have been given advice when taking out a mortgage which has left them in a worse financial situation than they should have been had they been better informed – we are here to help you get back some of the money that should have been yours as a consequence. In essence, if you were not adequately informed about repayments or that the advisor/ broker did not take due steps in determining your ability to pay – not acting in your best interests.

The two main ways in which we can establish that your mortgage deserves compensation are the following, based upon poor advice or improper knowledge i.e:

  • the mortgage was not the best for me
  • there was not sufficient information

Bad Mortgage Advice

The advisor did not act in my best interests in assigning a mortgage – this is relevant in many instances of :

  • a Sub Prime or Bad Credit Mortgage
  • a mortgage with debt consolidation
  • self certification mortgages
  • interest only mortgages
  • mortgages which go on into retirement
  • bad credit mortgages
  • The mortgage was not suitable for me.
  • self cert mortgages and some interest only mortgages

Improper Knowledge

The broker did not make themselves properly aware of your financial situation – this is the case for a mortgage claim where you have had difficulty in keeping up with the payments because you have been mis-sold a mortgage i.e:

  • The mortgage adviser did not perform a suitable risk assessment.
  • Repayment mortgage options were not discussed.
  • A full financial breakdown was not performed