Fleet Accident Management

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo DaVinci.

The Legal Consultancy fleet accident management service has been at the fore front of our business for the past four years and is an integral part of our make up as a company.
We believe that we offer companies with large fleets and high excesses a superior alternative. The Legal Consultancy is for clients that do not expect the average levels of service that are offered by the majority of large claims management and Insurance companies.
Our experience of running claims for both claimant and defendant and our comparative size and training mean that we offer our clients, what other more unwieldy organisations cannot; a personal service with incredible savings through our bespoke solution

Andy Hohne the CFO of Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services (Virgin Atlantic’s Chauffeurs of choice) who runs a fleet of 800 prestige vehicles recently compared a random selection of 100 claims we had run for them against 100 from their previous insurer and a previous claims handling company. We cost them on average £1800 per claim less than their insurer and £1250 less than the bulk claims handling company.

It is as simple as that. We offer the difference.
You will receive the personal service that you expect.
You will have the information that you require on time in whatever format you desire.
You will enjoy the savings in your outlay for third party claims and we will share any income we make with you from your non-fault claims.
It’s our service for you and we will apply to it the highest standard.